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Sales operations also referred to as ‘business operations’ are the activities and processes that ensure a company’s sales function runs effectively and efficiently to achieve its strategies and objectives. It often represents the missing link of interaction between the sales department itself and marketing, product development, IT and finance departments – championing the businesses’ end customer needs and balancing these against available company resources and financial targets.

The sales operations role often includes representing the needs of remote field-based sales teams or country sales directors in meetings and cross-functional projects. Sales operations activities vary between companies with common activities in 5 key areas: 

Sales Team Enablement
•    Sales Cycle Mapping & Process Development
•    Sales Process Adoption and Compliance
•    Sales Development & Training
•    ERP/CRM Implementation Support

Business Development 
•    Tender, Proposal and Contract Development
•    Co-ordination of ITT and RFQ responses
•    Supplier Selection and Management in the delivery of “the product or service”
•    Complex, broad scope customer sales meetings
•    Customer consultations to inform product development and marketing strategies  

New Product Development 
•    Interface between a company’s target market and its sales, marketing and R&D departments 

Business Analytics
•    Sales Metrics
•    Sales Forecasting

Achievement Planning
•    Objective & KPI Setting
•    Sales Target & Commission Setting
•    Territory Analysis and Definition

Sales Operations Implementation 
•    Change Management
•    Sales Operations Team Design & Recruitment 

With advances in technology, increased competition and increasingly discerning customers – more companies struggle to keep pace with their market demands. This may be characterised by communication silos between sales, marketing, product development, IT and finance functions. The disconnect between understanding what the market demands, developing the right product and knowing how to market and sell will inevitably stifle growth. 

If this sounds familiar engaging us to lead and coordinate your marketing and sales operations could be the solution. Effectiveness in this area is like fine-tuning an engine. To fire on all cylinders, the individual components not only need to perform at their optimum potential, but they also have to operate in full alignment with each other. We slot well within your existing teams and excel in this capacity!


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